What Genre is the Most Popular Now?


Music is everywhere in the world, but not all music is similar nor the same genre. Throughout many years music has been evolving from what it used to be a long time ago. These days some music styles have surged and overtaken older music that our family used to listen to. We may listen to a variety of music throughout a day, but what genres rose and overtook past genres?


The most popular music nowadays is Pop. Pop has some different flavors and from what it used to be years ago. The Beattle’s made Pop songs, but with different sounds, and is not the Pop we know today. This new style nowadays is a mixture of new electronic sounds, trap, and blues. This mixture of genres created Pop as we know it and it became the most popular genre in the world. Pop itself has different styles. Many Pop songs started to be influenced by Latin, electronic sounds and created songs with a different flavor.

 As music keeps evolving there may be some new genres coming from others, just like Pop came into existence. In the future, there may be some different genres and also people with different tastes. This means that many genres can surge mixing with other genres, music styles similar to how Pop was created. 


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