What Girls Say Vs What They Really Mean

If you are reading this, you are either someone who just doesn’t get what a girl means and simply wants answers to their confusions or just a girl who came here to laugh about how true these translations can be (even if it is hard to admit so). Yes, as a girl, I admit that we can be very complicated in certain aspects. For example, what we say is sometimes not synchronized with what we actually mean. I know, this already sounds complicated enough but it’s just because unlike guys, girls don’t tend to say exactly what they feel; they are indirect and want guys to figure them out. 

By now, guys might already be agreeing and thinking that they are the victims that have to go through the unnecessary complications of women; however, let me tell you that guys can be as complicated as girls and even worse in other aspects. But guys are not ready for that conversation yet.

 Back to the point, women have acted like this since the beginning of times, so…I don’t think that this act will change anytime soon. Might as well just accept it, and pay attention to the following translations of what girls say vs what they really mean. You will thank me later. Hopefully, this helps you comprehend girls a little better. Let’s start. 


DISCLAIMER: not all girls are like this, each girl has her own way of communicating, but this can be pretty accurate in many cases. 



  • The famous “I am fine”


Translation: yeah…she is definitely not fine. She may be upset and angry but she will not tell you why; you have to figure it out for yourself. If you can’t, then buy her food, that always helps. Food can be your way out. 



  • “I’m on my way”


Translation: she is probably sitting on her bed with a bath towel, looking at Instagram with no makeup, no chosen outfit, and deciding whether she still wants to go out or stay home. 



  • “I am almost ready”


Translation: I am definitely not ready and I will take as long as I need whether it’s 5 mn or 1 hour. 



  • “We’ll see”


Translation: No



  • “Maybe”


Translation: No



  • “Yes”


Translation: this could actually mean yes or maybe or no. I don’t even really know to be honest. 



  • “No”


Translation:  No means No. Girls actually mean this one, and if she doesn’t, then that’s on her, not you.  



  • “I’m not hungry”


Translation: Order whatever you want, just keep in mind that she will be picking off your plate (especially if they are fries). 



  • “I Have Nothing To Wear”


Translation: by now, she probably has 100 different outfits dumped on her bed and on the floor as she is freaking out because she doesn’t know what to wear. 



  •  “I need space.”


Translation: she is probably about to break up with you so don’t even try. 


  • “I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”


Translation: I am very sorry to tell you this but you have been friend-zoned. 



  • “What did you just say?”


Translation: yep, she heard you; she is simply giving you a second chance to change what you said.

Natalia Orihuela

My name is Natalia Orihuela and I am a junior at ACS. I love sports, nature, and traveling. Some words that describe me are confident and authentic.

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