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What is Going on in Chile?

Bolivia is not the only country that is having huge issues in South America, another one in Chile. What is going on? This past month there have been massive protests and violence in the streets, all because the President raised ticket prices with 30 pesos. Young Chileans and students started protesting on October 18, they have been very violent and destroyed many public spaces in the country.

Protestants say that there is high inequality in the country with the poorest people. It is unfair to them that most of the money and financial gains go to the richest people in the country. These people are not only asking to lower the prices, but they want a new constitution. During these protests, thousands of people have been arrested, injured and at least 18 died according to CBS News. Approximately 20,000 soldiers are in the streets confronting all the protestants. Many buildings and train stations have also been set on fire. 

President Sebastian Pinera does not think that the country is going to cool down. He has been trying to control the protests and stop them, but it has not been possible. He announced that he was canceling the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in which world leaders like Donald Trump were attending. 

Valeria Valdes

My name is Valeria Valdes. I am a sophomore who loves music. I am from Bolivia. My favorite food is cheese. A word that would describe me would be extroverted.

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