What Is So Interesting About Psychology

When you see your friend in a bad mood, you try to help them out, right? That is you being a psychologist because you are trying to figure out some way to help them out, or to make them feel better. Psychology is a sub branch of medicine and it is the study of the human mind. Psychologists analyze the human mind, and try to decipher why people act the way they do. There are many other sub branches of psychology, but only two are discussed in school: pseudo psychology and neuropsychology.

Pseudo psychology is the use of lies to make people believe something, and is not considered a science. Pseudo psychologists are people who give false statements, such as fortune tellers or shamans. These people do everything just so they can get a small amount of cash. They read the lines of your palms to predict what will happen to you in the future. They just make stuff up, such as you having a wealthy life, a bright future, and they also make you believe that you can get cured if you buy one of their products.

Neuropsychology is the study of how emotions, cognition, and behavior affect people. Neuropsychologists evaluate the person’s mental state and can classify a person in two main categories, such as neurosis and psychosis. Neurosis is when a person has a different kind of behavior depending on the circumstances they are in, and it is considered a mild mental illness. An example would be ticks that happen when you are stressed, such as biting your nails. Psychosis is a severe mental illness that makes the person lose all contact with reality and essentially goes crazy. When the person loses contact with reality, they act irrationally and do things by instinct rather than thinking about it. Psychology is interesting because of how people interact with others and how the mind plays an important part in interactions.

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