What is the Ultraman Race?

When we talk about Ultraman, we can think about an old toy. In reality, the Ultraman is a very hard and rough challenge for anyone. Ultraman is a three-day race of 515 km, it takes place in Hawaii every year. It is divided into three stages over 3 days. The first one is a 10 km ocean swim, followed by a 145 km bike ride. Stage 2 is composed of a 276 km bike ride. Finally, stage 3 is an 84 km marathon. All stages should be completed in 12 hours or less. Just the swimming part should be done in 5 hours. 

This particular event was made to attract athletes from everywhere who are looking for real physical and mental challenges. But, there are some restrictions to be part of it. The only way  to participate is by invitation. To be selected one should be 20 years old or older, and be mentally and physically fit Most of the awards are big amounts of money, which is also a good way to motivate the participant to do their best. 

Kengui Condori

Hi I am Kengui Condori, I am in 12th grade. I love to play soccer and all kind of sports. I am from Bolivia and I love to eat salteña.

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