What Other Jobs Does COVID-19 Affect?

In my other articles about COVID-19, I have tackled topics about how the virus affects our lives and daily actions, as well as jobs. I explained why it affects relationships, social contact, school, and jobs. The jobs that I talked about include delivery people, teachers, and Uber drivers. However, I did not talk about how this affects doctors and nurses, as they have a huge part in this current event. 

Nurses are important to us because they are “small doctors.”. This means that they are there to support us and fix small injuries. They usually work in schools, private places, or somewhere small like a town. Nurses don’t do research on what they are against because there have been lots of patients with the same injury or defect. Nurses are technically the people who don’t do much. They just fix injuries like paper cuts and colds. 

Doctors, on the other hand, they do more than fix injuries. Doctors are divided into other branches:  surgeons, trauma, and diseases. Doctors are most commonly found around or inside hospitals. They do much more as they research what they are doing and take notes because they are always finding a way to get through whatever they are facing. With the CoronaVirus, many doctors from many countries, and a few nurses have gathered in billions of hospitals to fight the virus. They are working together to find a cure as it is not small. This pandemic virus is filling everyone’s head as they are worried, as there are more cases every day in which most of them end up in death. Let’s praise these doctors cause they risk their lives to be in dangerous places to help others.

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