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What Teacher Has the Best Teaching Style?

What teacher has the best teaching style?


We all have our favorite and least favorite teachers, most of the time who our favorite teacher depends on how fun the classes are. Though students fail to contour in how teachers teach .Today I will be giving my opinions on 3 teachers and their teaching styles, and what stereotypical teacher they are. 


First a teacher we all know has a lot of experience teaching in this school and it might seem like she taught our parents. Mis Sainz! Most of us have had her as a teacher, and can probably agree she can be kind of boring. But after overcoming the obstacle of falling asleep in her class,she always makes us understand and you can tell she has experience. Mis Sainz lessons are long and require a lot of attention, and can sometimes be boring but she knows how to teach. The way she writes everything on the board and teaches is super efficient. I think she goes into the stereotypical strict kind of boring class, but she somehow makes you understand math. 

Next a fairly new teacher most of us love, Mis G! She is fun and of course has a young teacher style. Since she is fairly new to teaching she tries to make teaching fun for everyone, and does just that. Mis G tries to make the classes interactive and fun for everyone, though still giving you just the right amount of work. She makes learning fun for most of us with all types of activities, though sometimes that makes it very easy to get distracted and not do her work. But she can be strict when it comes to tests and projects. She goes into the young teacher who still wants to make the class super fun. 


And last but not least Mr Carpio, I believe he has the perfect amount of time between talking in class and lecture time. When a teacher talks about a topic related to the class or math and gets you interested in the  beginning it makes you motivated to learn. Then when he is actually on lecture time he somehow makes math fun, despite my hate for math he manages to make it somewhat enjoyable. He helps us get a  break in class while still talking about math (most of the time) . In my opinion that is an amazing, if not one of the best ways to teach. Even Though I don’t seem to understand math overall despite studying, he does an amazing job teaching me, and makes me actually feel confident before tests. He fits the stereotype of a combo between Mis G and Sainz. 


My name is Laura Reznicek, I am a sophomore, I like to draw, and my favorite food is pasta.

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