What Team has the biggest potential to be the next NBA champions this season?

With the start of the NBA season approaching, on Dec. 22, 2020 many people may be wondering who is going to be the next champion? Are the Lakers going to double peat and become champions again? Many of these questions will not be answered until the NBA is back and the teams are fighting for the championship. Many contenders are ready and strong for the start of the season. Many trades, free agency contracts, and draft selects have been crucial for some teams. For example James Wiseman going to the Warriors or Lamelo Ball going to the Charlotte Hornets.
Are the Los Angeles Lakers capable of defending their championship? Well, many people think they are but other people think they are not. With their recent adds they are totally capable of defending the title and going on a double peat. They got the younger of the Gasol brothers which is a seven veteran which knows the game and can be very crucial in a championship team. They also added Dennis Schroder, the 6’1 point guard. Finally, they added Montrezl Harrell, a 6’7 combo guard. These three ads have been crucial to the championship team which already had a great team.
On the other hand, the team that also made it to the Finals, the Miami Heat. Are thriving and hungry for the championship. They have been in the lab working the whole off-season and have been fixing the eros they committed in the Finals last season.
Then, Stephen Curry is coming in hot with the new Warriors team, Kelly Oubre Jr, Andrew Wiggings, and Draymond green. This team has suffered a very significant injury when Klay Thompson tore his achilles.
These are the teams we have to keep an eye on and know they are going to do great. They are top contenders and know about championships and are ready for the smoke!

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