What to Always Have in your Backpack


Snacks are actually essential and you should always have them in your backpack. During the day you may struggle with organizing your brunch time or you may need some energy to do sports, so snacks are the solution. Always keep a granola bar or yogurt to consume. 

Water Bottle:

Always keep a water bottle to stay hydrated for the whole day, it will make you feel fresh and energized. Besides, who wants to drink from the disgusting water fountains around the school? Get yourself a flask and fill it with water and ice in the morning to have fresh water the whole school day. 


It is a must to have ties with you if you have long hair whether you’ll need them for P.E class or just because you’ll feel more comfortable with your hair up.

Hand Sanitizer 

Around school, we must have hand sanitizer with us because either we want it or not there are some dirty areas around that we can’t avoid. Going to the bathroom every time to wash your hands might not be an option. A little drop of sanitizer will keep your hands clean. 


After lunch, we all have bad breath and teachers get mad if we chew gum. However, mints are the solution to achieve fresh breath. Be careful, though. You don’t want everyone knowing that you have mints because by the end of the day you may run out of them!! 


Having crusty lips may always be uncomfortable. Licking your lips is not a solution, it actually makes it worse. Be sure to always have a lip moisturizer or chapstick to bring everywhere with you. 

Body Spray 

The deodorant we all swipe before school won’t last the whole day, and bringing a deodorant with you it’s not comfortable plus, it can melt during the day. Always carry a small bottle of body spray to keep you smelling great and fresh.

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