What your favourite music genre says about you


You are an outgoing and social person. You can also be shy or nervous from time to time. If you love to listen to the top charted pop songs, you may lack creativity. You maintain a high self-esteem and have no problem expressing your ideas. 


Rap & Hip-hop

As a fan of hip-hop music, you are outgoing and a very extroverted person. You have no problem socializing with new people. You love to be social and go out to party! Hip-hop fans enjoy the social features of music. Whether it’s dancing or singing along, you always love to experience it with others instead of just listening to it with a pair of headphones. 



If you listen to rock it means that you are an intuitive person. Rock fans work hard and are usually relaxed. When it comes to challenges, you are both calm and flexible. You always find the solution. Indie rock fans, on the other hand, are more creative and open to new experiences, but have low self-esteem. They also tend to be a little lazy. Punk rock fans are intense and energetic. 



You are hardworking and close-minded, but you are high on empathy. You are also extroverted and love to share new experiences or ideas with other people. Country fans are generally less open to other types of art or music. 



You have good intuition and have high self-esteem. If you listen to classical music you are definitely smarter than others, and you know it. You have a creative mind and putting classical music in the background can release those incredible ideas. 


​​​​Jazz and Blues 

Jazz and blues fans are deep thinkers and intelligent. These listeners are reflective, open-minded, and very creative. Whenever they have to do an activity they always reflect on their actions before doing them. They are always eager to take on new experiences and learn new things. 

Vincenza Marisco

My name is Vincenza Marsico. I’m in 10th grade. I love cats. I have a fear of spiders.

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