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Why 2022 is the Worst Year To Be in School

After some months in 2022 I’ve realized that this is the worst year to be in school. To start with, most teachers have started a war on technology. I dont think I’m the only person to notice this, but teachers are trying to get back to paper and evade computers. I personally don’t appreciate that too much since computers are a tool that make everything easier. All teachers just got mad at technology out of nowhere and it just makes our lives harder.


I have also noticed that our recesses have become shorter with no explanation. They started to sneakily  add 5 minutes to classes and take away recess. This has silently drained our free time and how early we leave school. Even though prior to summer break, classes were already quite heavy. Adding these just makes them outright uncomfortable. Not cool admin, not cool.


And talking about time, the time it takes to load ANYTHING on your computer is so long. The school wifi has gotten worse and worse to the point that even working in a google docs is slow. Being a school that is modern and technological, having a good wifi connection should be essential, but apparently it’s the least of the schools concerns. 

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