Why are Bolivian Tennis Players Proud of Hugo Dellien?

You may be thinking who is Hugo Dellien? Well, he is a Bolivian professional Tennis player. He has brought a lot of attention to Bolivian tennis and even Bolivian athletes. He went pro in 2009 and has had many achievements and many things to be proud about.

Bibliography: Hugo Was born on June 16, 1993, in Trinidad, Bolivia he is currently 27 years old. This is his twelve year as a pro. Dellien recorded a career-high in 2019 ranking No. 72 overall in ATP singles. He also achieved a career-high in ATP doubles ranking at No. 85 on Feb. 2, 2021.

This was not an easy journey for Hugo but he overcame all the obstacles and worked hard to get where he is at right now. As mentioned above he has been a great inspiration for Bolivian athletes and tennis players. He has represented Bolivia in many international tournaments such as The Australian Open, Italian Open, French Open, and many more. He right now is playing at the Adelaide International. He has been great, and although he has had some downs, he is pushing through. 

He is a talented player and very underestimated, but do not sleep on him. He will beat anyone he sets his mind to. He will be great one day and we as Bolivians are very proud of him

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