Why Comedy and Humorists Are Important In Society

A well-timed joke can save the world. While absurd at first glance I begin to feel shocked when I start thinking of the number of times comedy has saved me from a deplorable situation. A fight between two friends diffused by an intelligent pun or a late arrival excused because of a charismatic quip. Can then humorists not do the same for society? It certainly seems that they can considering the important role they have in promoting reflections within the audience about important social issues and communicating information effectively.

Humorists have an important role in our society because they help promote reflections within the audience about important social issues. A couple of years ago comedian Louis CK made a joke about how if resurrected in a second life he would choose to be white again. If any non-comedian would have told this joke they would immediately be characterized as being racist and bigoted, however, this is not the case for Louis. Since he is a comedian and the remark was said in a satirical context the greater issue behind the joke can flow effectively into the minds of the audience. Once there, over time, the idea can grow and force the audience to reflect on the greater issue presented. Why does Louis believe it is better to be white in this society? At this point, Louis has effectively led the audience to recognize the important issues that societies face.

Humorists are also important in our society because they help communicate information effectively. Comedy shows like The Daily Show are a perfect example of this When I watch Trever Noah talk about Trump’s tax returns I feel way more entertained than when I hear a news station talk about it. This is because our defenses are not up when it comes to comedy. Not only that, but laughter releases endorphins, making us happier, relaxed, and more receptive. When we are stressed or angered adrenaline fills our veins, making us alert and unreceptive. Humor, on the other hand, makes the information engaging and fun to listen to. By making the information fun to understand and learn, humorists promote learning and educate an audience better than any old boring news station. 

Opponents of this argument may feel that humorists do not have a vital role in society since satire can be used to bully and divide people. While it is true that some humorists have used comedy with a malicious intent to divide, what it fails to consider is that as easily as comedy can divide it can also unite. Take for example comedians who come from different parts of the world and share their culture with the audience through comedy. By poking fun at their own culture and recognizing common parts of both worlds that are crazy, comedians create a connection between the two cultures. This connection severs barriers that might have been placed by discrimination or bad history.  By using humor as a type of social lubricant humorists can strengthen tyes with others while at the same time lessening tensions. 

Humorists save the world on a daily basis by promoting reflections within the audience about important social issues and communicating information effectively. Comedy serves as the perfect means to transport uncomfortable ideas into the minds of the audience and have them reflect on it. Humorists like Trevor Noah use laughter to get audiences to retain and understand information effectively. Humorists should be further respected for the contributions they make to bettering our society and not just seen as the simple entertainer. Comedy is waiting to be reframed as a central tool in a better society. 

Davi Lima

Davi, is a 11th grader. He writes sports editorials and is a web designer for the Newspaper Team. His favorite sport is soccer.

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