Why Does The School Always Lose Friendship Games

“ACS is number 1 and don’t you forget it!” That’s something that you often hear while the school is playing any kind of sport, but that does not really happen when the school gets third and fourth-place finishes, which happens most of the time. Every year, people say the same thing: “we’re taking the big cup away from the cambas this year.” Then comes the games and that winning attitude completely disappears. After obtaining the third-place trophy we ask ourselves, what did we do wrong? Or, how could he have improved? These are questions that are still unanswered because deep inside we know that the losses were our fault because we did not train enough. 

We are known to blame everyone but ourselves:“the refs did not see how that cochala tackled me in soccer”, or “that camba that plays as a  junior really is 40 years old and already has a wife and two kids”. 
In reality, we all know that ACS is not the best at sports, but we all know that they are inferior to us in the Knowledge Bowl and chess activities in second-semester Friendship Games. The organizers even had to cancel games in order to find a way to cheat into getting the championship. 

Joaquin Balsells

My name is Joaquin Balsells. I am an 11th grader who loves basketball and riding motorcycles. I am from Argentina. My favorite food is a hamburger. A word that would describe me would be athletic

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