Why Friendship Games Was Postponed Or Cancelled

Friendship Games are here! Nevermind. It has been postponed for another date or has been totally cancelled. Why? Let me tell you why. It is obvious that there has been civil unrest in Bolivia because no one wants Evo Morales to be president again. We all want someone new except the people who follow Evo, who we call Masistas. But that is not the theme now. The reason why Friendship games have been postponed or canceled was that other schools cannot come because it is dangerous and they are going through rough times than us. An example would be Santa Cruz. SCCS cannot come because their streets are full of people protesting and it is chaos. 

We all like Friendship games. why but it only happened once so we do not have to worry about it happening again. If somehow, some other school wants to come, they have to go through their place full of people and then once they are in La Paz, they have to come down to Zona Sur but it will be difficult because in El Alto and in the Centro, it is a “warzone.” It is very bad. Getting here will be very difficult with their streets full of people and our streets full of Masistas. 

In a state like this, it is impossible for any games or activities involving other schools from La Paz or Bolivia to happen, but if there are changes and activities that can happen, it would go bad because of the arriving and the leaving of the school. However, if this completely changes and Evo does retire, then everything will go back to normal, hopefully, meaning, there will be Friendship Games! It is extremely rare for it to happen though so we cannot assume anything or put our hopes up. All we can do is wait and pray for nothing to go very violent.

davis choi

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