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Why is Drinking a Cup of Wine a Night is Good for your Health

They say wine is one of the most symbolic drinks ever created. It is one of the most used drinks to celebrate or even to have accompanied with a meal. Usually, in family gatherings, we see one or two bottles of wine open, and we usually hear from a parent or family member that wine is not bad for you for some reason. Obviously, everything in excess is bad, but why do they say it can help sometimes. 

Let’s start with how wine is created. Wine comes from red wine grapes made in a very prestigious and unique way. The process of the creation of wine is started by harvesting red wine grapes, then moving to the process of fermenting the grapes, yeast is added, alcoholic fermentation, and then we have the second fermentation (melatolic fermentation), and, lastly, comes the aging process which gives the actual value to the wine. As we know, older people like very sour or very concentrated flavors. They say, at first, wine is very sweet and with the years being aged it gets a very concentrated and individual flavor. 

Moving on to why wine is good for you. Red wine, especially, has many antioxidants for your body which increases longevity in life. It acts as a cleaning substance, think about it as a dish soap for a plate, that helps the body and keeps it “clean.” This antioxidant usually helps out the heart, that’s why usually when you go to meat restaurants that usually serve red meats or undercooked food, for flavor, they ask for or serve red wine. As we know, red meats increase the risk of cholesterol. So the red wine helps the heart to get rid of it so you don’t die from it. 

Personally, when I reach the age when cholesterol is a problem, knowing all this information, I will drink a cup of wine every night, to not risk my probability of having a heart attack. Red wine is also a very prestigious drink, that makes you look fancy and sophisticated which I, personally, like. So when I am of drinking age, usually 18 in Latin American countries or 21 in the USA, or even preferably later I will have that cup of red wine so that my body stays clean and smooth. The plan is to stay young and safe from any danger.

Fabricio Bedoya

Hi my name is Fabricio Bedoya, I’m in 11th and I like cars, my favorite food is sushi and my favorite color is red.

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