Why Is Money Heist Worth Watching?

This Spanish tv show has been one of Netflix’s trending shows with more than 34 million views. The show is about a man whose father was a robber. He was always told about a plan to rob the Royal Mint of Spain. This man spends several years planning and recruiting people to move forward with his strike. The name of the tv show is interesting in Spanish. It is called “La Casa de Papel.” This is later understood because they start printing money, which is what they are actually going to take out from the Spanish mint. The tv show continues with more strikes, which extends the fun in the show. Money Heist is worth watching because it evokes many emotions in the audience. 

First, the show gives an introduction to all the characters which allows the audience to related more to them. Besides, the idea they perform two strikes, the personal side of the characters, and how they live day to day are presented. That makes the audience like good people rather than criminals. Mostly, in the show, the police and authorities are seen as the bad guys, and the way they act creates a feeling of hatred towards them. The protagonists act peacefully, while the police and authorities usually seek to act with violence towards the robbers. This is what shapes the opinion of who is good and who is bad in the audience. Second, the show has a lot of action scenes that build a feeling of thrill. The show is more or less like chess. The winner is whoever makes the best move, so we see several scenes where the police attacks and the robbers defend, and vice versa. There are many plot twists that leave the viewers shocked. On numerous occasions it seemed the police almost won the battle; nonetheless, a master move by the professor would take them out of the checkmate and counterattack strongly. Third, the show gives the viewers a rollercoaster of happy and sad moments. Sometimes, the viewers might think it is over for the robbers, while sometimes they are amused by the outcome of their move. Along the five seasons of the show, many important characters do not make it, but the robbers get revenge for their loss. Also, new characters join the team, which adds to the story. 

In conclusion, Money Heist is a show worth watching because it provokes many emotions in the viewers. First, it is the relation of the audience with the characters of the show. Second, we have the amazing battles and plot twists fraught with thrill. Finally, the viewers experience sad and happy moments that provide life to the show. If you haven’t already watched the show, reserve this weekend to enjoy an incredible tv show. 

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