Why is Traveling Good for Your Mental Health?

I think that when it comes to traveling most of us would imagine vacation, instagrammable sunsets or landscapes? Well, traveling is much more than that, and it surprisingly helps your mental and emotional health. 


It broadens your perspective: Traveling pushes us out of our comfort zone. When traveling to new places our inner explorer comes out. During the trip, you discover new languages, sights, customs, cultures and you embrace a familiarity with a new culture. When you come back you have a view on how the rest of the world works. 


We learn about the world: We learn how to get around or how to communicate. When we strike up a conversation with someone from the place we traveled to, we learn about the local culture. You may be surprised about how much you can learn about different places just by having a conversation. 


It relieves stress: Traveling resets our minds and makes us forget about our chores in other places and clears our minds. That is why we feel like after coming back from a trip we are better people. 


It increases happiness: It is proved that people are at their happiest when they have planned vacations and are more positive about more situations. 


Wara Quintanilla

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