Why Isn’t the NBA Cancelling the season?

You may be wondering why doesn’t the NBA cancel the season during a pandemic. Well, here are the reasons why… Health and safety protocols in the NBA are serious and players have to take it with big importance in order to play. These so-called health and safety protocols are the NBA rules and restrictions regarding the global pandemic and COVID-19. Players take these rules and restrictions seriously because they have to, in order to play and be able to have their season.

The NBA is almost one quarter into the season which means that they have been pretty good this last month of playing because not many players got covid. In fact, there were only ten players with covid, of which eight were in the same team. Overall, with only those cases it had been manageable and a reality for the season to continue. No deaths have been detected at this start of the season. No stadium staff, no team staff, and no other fans have been infected while attending a match. This shows us that it is safe for the players and the people that are attending the games to be there.  

At the end of the month, the NBA will let stadiums have fans but not to their 100% capacity but to their 10-20% depending on the situation of the city. This will allow for many things to be easier because more money will be coming in for the maintenance of the stadium, players will feed off the energy of the fans, and it will be safe as there will be so much space for social distancing that no one will be close together. 

Let’s hope for this situation to get better and for the NBA to let 100% of fans go into the stadium in the near future. Hopefully, this whole situation will get better so we can start having our normal lives. 

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