Why Join GIN?


The Global Issues Network (GIN) is an international network of students that aims to promote globalization and to raise awareness of the social responsibility of “global citizens”, and develop solutions for modern global issues.” This is the definition of GIN class, a safe place where global problems are addressed and solutions are required. 


I’ven part of the GIN class all of my 11th grade and to be honest, this is the most fascinating, inspiring, and taught full class of my highschool career, well aside from Physics. The house choosing technique, as shown in Harry Potter, is also used in GIN! There are 4 main groups that each one deals with a different problem that the world faces. If you are chosen to be part of GAP by the hat, actually by Ms. Andy, you would be creating projects in order to promote and fight against poverty. This group is called Gild Against Poverty (GAP), and it’s main goal is to find solutions in order to diminish poverty in Bolivia, by creating amazing and inspiring videos about families in poverty, and by creating and incentivizing donations for the most needed. 


The next group is my personal favorite and where I belong, the Gryffindor of the groups, BioGuardians! Not to be biased, but this group is just amazing. Our main goal is to protect the environment, by acknowledging world problems such as the Chiquitania Fire, where we promoted a drive and also painted a mural in honor to the heroes of the Chiquitania. We have to be aware of what is happening in the world, and what we can do to create change. 


Another group is called CarbonCutters, this amazing group is in-charge of collecting and recycling paper at school! In class, one’s per week, students go and collect paper from the blue bins, and promote the global warming problem that the world is currently facing. In the same way, promote the correct use of the different color bins, in order for later on be recycled. 


The last group is Operation Smile, even though many people think it is only a CSP this is actually much more. The main goal of course, is to help children’s hospital expenses in order to make their life better. This organization mainly focuses on children with “labio leporino”. This group creates and promotes different events in order to raise funds for these children. This year, I was able to be part of this amazing community of students which focuses on helping children. Though, because of many problems such as the different marchas, and the Covid-19, many of our events had to be postponed. The team is currently working to get new ideas and find new solutions to raise money in order to help pay for this amazing children’s surgery, so they can SMILE one more time.

GIN also has public speaking!

If you want to learn how to talk to people without being shy, this is the best class for you. This class would not only grant you speaking techniques, but also give you the tools to become a better and more fluent speaker!

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