Why Role Models are important

Having role models has a tremendous impact on our lives. Role models:

– Help us have a positive outlook towards life. 

-Push us to work harder and become successful. 

Before we continue describing why they are so important, let’s define what a role model is. A role model is someone who serves as an exceptional example for others.It doesn’t matter whether your role model is a writer, poet, scientist, politician, or your parents, a role model is someone who YOU think is worthy of imitation. Role models will be different for each individual, and they will change as we grow as our tastes and needs evolve. Positive role models influence our actions and motivate us to uncover our true potentials and overcome our weaknesses. 

Role Models teach us so many valuable lessons, but here are the 4 top benefits of having a role model.

  • Learn the characteristics of a successful person

The meaning of success varies for everyone. If you consider a person as your role model, then probably they have done something you considered admirable or successful. Whether they are an Olympic gold medalist, an influencer, or your brother/ sister, the person you look up to has valuable qualities you can learn from. For example, your mom might teach you how to be patient even in the most frustrating circumstances, while the gold medalist could teach you about discipline. 

  • Learn how to overcome obstacles

Everyone in this world has obstacles they need to overcome. Therefore, understanding how your role models overcame your obstacles will help you prepare to deal with future problems. For example, hearing that Jack Ma was rejected from every job he applied for after college, reminds you that failure won’t prevent you from being successful in the future.

  • Have someone to inspire you

Motivation is key for life. It helps us be our better selves, helps us get work done, and so much more. When you don’t have motivation, it is nice to have someone to look up to. Thinking about their success makes us feel inspired to work as hard as they did. Looking up to someone who has made a great change in the world will encourage you to do the same.

  • Learn from mistakes

Having role models helps us learn from mistakes and understand that nobody is perfect When your role model makes a mistake you will learn from it. For example, a businessman might have committed fraud, but that does not necessarily make them bad people. Those were their reactions to pressure or adversity, and in the future, you will learn from their actions and react differently. 

Role models are people who we look up to, but the main goal is to become the best version of ourselves. Having someone to admire gives us a guideline of values and actions to follow. Role models will help you learn from others’ actions and qualities, and use them to improve your personality and characteristics.


shannon maldonado

Hi, my name is Shannon I am from the US. I like Japanese food. Some words that describe my character are creative and determined.

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