Why School Feels Like Prison

Hasn’t the thought of dropping out of school ever crossed your mind?  It definitely has crossed the minds of many teenagers all over the world. In fact, over 1.2 million teenagers drop out of school every day. You’re probably asking yourself why. Well, because it feels like you’re trapped. School feels like a prison. You’re told what to do and are expected to follow instructions, if not, harsh consequences are applied. To have a better understanding of why teenagers despise school, here are some reasons why. 

The #1 reason why school feels like jail is because of grades. Quizzes, tests, homework, and projects are basically a synonym of hell. No one likes the pressure of having to turn in an assignment at a certain date, which you may not even agree with. Even more so, you have to try to get a good grade in order to not lower your GPA. Academic stress is a huge weight that teenagers can’t wait to get rid of.  That’s why, when given the chance, most teenagers decide to drop out of school, or some simply just stop caring. 

Being in a socially awkward place can be a huge turnoff for many people. That’s what happens to many students in school. Some teens don’t fit in as well as others. They’re the kind of people who you see sitting alone at lunch, or who usually don’t have anyone to talk to. If you were in their position, wouldn’t you want to stop going to school? That’s the route that many young adults take. They just abandon school because of the isolation they feel inside it.

Nothing makes you want to quit something as much as a bad environment. Some schools simply make you want to run just by looking at them. Now, it’s obvious some schools can’t afford to pay for better resources, but a bad-looking school just turns the environment into a gloomy one. From bad school lunches to lockers that don’t even work properly, many students decide to leave. Since the school doesn’t offer a comforting environment, teenagers figure they might as well leave. I mean, who would stay in a depressing and blue space? 

As you can see, school is not a bright place to be. There are so many reasons and motives to just quit and never think about school again. It makes you want to stay in your bed once the alarm rings to go to school. At the end of the day, it’s understandable why plenty of students give up within months of being in school.

Adriana Bleichner

Hi, my name is Adriana Bleichner and I am a sophomore at ACS Calvert. I was born in Bolivia and have lived here my whole life. My favorite sport is tennis, and my favorite hobby is baking.

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