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Why schools should not give you homework

Homework, we have all dreaded that word and have been told we need to do it. But what if I told you you shouldn’t do it as much as you do. A study made by Stanford university back in 2013 shows that students in schools with high  expectations who spend too much time on homework experience much more stress, health problems, and create problems than ones who don’t spend much time on homework. 

         The NEA and the PTA  say that there should be  a standard of “10 minutes of homework per grade level”, this means that 1st grade would get 10 min of homework, 2nd 20 min, and by the time you’re in 12th no more than 2 hours of homework or studying. Some studies also show that homework above the 10 min per grade rule is not beneficial to a student’s GPA. So much in fact that as the Washington post reported, some parents have told their students to stop doing homework. After telling their kids this,they have noticed less family fights and stress in the kids behavior. And in addition making it easier for students to participate in after school activities. 

          Schools should focus on quality over quantity  when it comes to homework. When students are given too much homework they don’t have time to socialize and make friends, which is something crucial for the development of a teenager. Students spend all their time doing homework instead of hanging out with their friends, or doing something enjoyable. This can affect their mental health and create unnecessary stress. Stress can make the students be more aggressive and less motivated. Plus, if students don’t have time to explore hobbies and be with friends they won’t be able to find what they like to do the most, and they won’t be able to build their personality to socialize, something that will be needed in the future.


My name is Laura Reznicek, I am a sophomore, I like to draw, and my favorite food is pasta.

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