Why Should You Visit Alasitas?

Every year, Bolivians go to a very special market, where they can buy everything they could ever want for just a couple of bucks while carrying it around in a few bags. People can buy mini houses, cars, business, graduation certificates from any university, money, a boyfriend/girlfriend, or even a divorce. Also, while they buy everything they want they are able to eat delicious food, such as Api, churros, anticuchos, and  typical Bolivian cuisine. This incredible experience takes place in Alasitas, which is around for a month and begins at the end of January. 

Alasitas is an iconic festival, in which people can experience Bolivian culture at its best, showing traditional Bolivian beliefs while having an awesome time. You can go to Alasitas alone, or with friends; either way, it is an awesome experience. And do you know what  is the best part of it? You can go to Alasitas by taking the Puma Katari or the teleferico! 

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