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Why the Marraqueta is the best creation

I love the Marraqueta. It is one of the most versatile foods you can get. You can eat it with pretty much anything, like salted butter, cream cheese, jelly, nutella, dulce de leche, banana, avocado, chorizo, etc. 

There is not a specific time you have to eat a marraqueta. For breakfast, you can eat it with salted butter, jelly, and coffee. In fact, I think there is nothing better than a Sunday morning with a marraqueta with salted butter and coffee. As a snack, you can eat it with dulce de leche and Nutella. Also, for lunch you can eat marraqueta with chorizo, and for dinner you can eat it with anything as long as it’s not that heavy.

The marraqueta fills you just enough; it is the perfect size. You can also find it everywhere in the city of La Paz. And even if you can’t easily find them, you can save some marraquetas and freeze them, since it’s easy to warm them up again. The marraqueta and its many ways of eating have become something that we call “saca apuros”. Its price is pretty cheap (Bs. 0.50), making it accessible to people from all different economic backgrounds. This is something that I find that connects every Paceño, no matter your background, you will most likely eat a marraqueta for breakfast at least once a week. 

It’s interesting how finding a marraqueta in other countries and even other cities in Bolivia is something difficult. If there is any marraqueta there, then it doesn’t really taste the same. It must be something to do with the water or even the altitude.

I haven’t found yet a single person who doesn’t at least accept eating marraquetas. I mean, what else can you ask for?    

Eva Gutierrez

My name is Eva Gutierrez and I am a junior. I like learning new languages. One word that describes me is hardworking.

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