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Why Vacation Should Start Sooner

For everyone, December is a special time of the year because of Christmas and New Years. This moment of the year brings families together to make special memories and have a good time with them. However, I have one complaint about this vacation. It is starting too late.

According to the schedule, our December vacation now starts on the 21st of December. This is very bad. Now, we won’t have much time to spend with our families as school ends just 3 days before Christmas Eve. This is horrible. Students need time to enjoy such a special time of the year to its fullest. Students are, after all, kids and these are amongst the most special memories that they will create and some that they will remember forever.

School should not be damaging this and I think that the schedule should have been thought over more thoroughly to develop a schedule that also makes all of the students happy. After all, school is here to help students learn, cooperate, and have a good time. This date for the vacation to start does the opposite of this mostly causing students grief. 

Rodrigo De Grandchant

My name is Rodrigo de Grandchant. I am a junior who loves doing sports. I horseback ride, play soccer, and volleyball. I look forward to competing in the friendship games and to participate in many school events.

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