Why You Should Get Vaccinated for Covid-19?

40.4 percent of the world population have already received a dose of the covid-19 vaccine. After the covid-19 virus spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world, scientists started working on a vaccine. Several organizations worked together to develop a vaccine. The vaccine for covid-19 has developed pretty quickly thanks to mRNA technology. The mRNA vaccines deliver the coronavirus S protein’s genetic material into our body. Our cells use the information stored in the mRNA to make the S protein. This way, the body is trained to recognize the protein, so the immune system attacks the real surface of the virus and inactivates it. That is how the vaccine functions. You should get vaccinated because it reduces the risk of infection, protects you from severe illness, and allows you to reconnect with family and friends. 

Reducing the risk of infection will lower cases of covid-19. Once your body receives the first shot, your body starts developing antibodies that attacked the virus. If you happen to be exposed to the virus, your immune system is ready to fight it. That reduces the chance of getting the disease. Most of the vaccines provide a 70 percent effectiveness in preventing infection. As more of the world population gets vaccinated, we could reach something called herd immunity. This means that the population creates immunity to an infectious disease making it unlikely to spread from person to person. 

The vaccine protects you from severe illness. If you get infected, you are unlikely to be severely ill. In clinical trials, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines showed that they are 100 percent effective in preventing severe illness, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccines showed a result of 85 percent. There is skepticism regarding the effectiveness of these vaccines against different variants of the virus, like the Delta variant. The truth is that there is nothing to worry about because the rate of mutation of the virus is not fast enough to make the vaccines ineffective. That means that the current vaccines provided are effective against the feared Delta variant. Studies have shown vaccinated people who do get infected have mild to moderate cases of covid-19 compared to those who aren’t vaccinated. The risk of hospitalization and death because of covid-19 is nearly eliminated once you are fully vaccinated.

Receiving the two doses of the vaccine will allow you to reconnect with your friends and family. We all have been at home for months without meeting with friends and family. The pandemic had us scared and incapable of doing our regular activities. Now with the vaccine, we can start coming back to our regular lives. Just wait the recommended time, so your body can start creating antibodies to fight the virus. Then, you can visit your friends and family safely without running the risk of getting infected or infecting others severely. 

The benefits of getting the vaccine are lowering the probability of infection, reducing the severity of the disease, and allows you to spend time with people safely. Reconsider getting vaccinated to protect yourself and others around you. If you have the possibility, get the vaccine as soon as you can, so you can start enjoying the transition to regular life. 

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