Will Protests Affect Friendship Games Athletes?

As many of you are aware, Bolivia is going through a political crisis that led to major protests in the cities. These blockades or ‘Paros,’ as they’re called in Bolivia, are causing many students to not be able to leave their houses, or even be able to reach school. This causes the athletic teams to miss practices. Now, soccer and volleyball activities have now been canceled for a week for the safety of the athletes and students, which is ‘always’ the top priority of the school.

Not training enough has always been the top reason as to why the school does not succeed in Friendship Games, and these protests do not make things better; it makes them worse. Athletes are most likely at their houses doing nothing all day except signing in to Google Classroom for their respective classes of the day or the students might even be going to protest in an effort to make their country better again. These students are only given time in the afternoon to do some activity, which, to be honest, does not always involve practicing their sport.

For now, all we can do is hope everything calms down in order for athletes to go back to ur routine of training twice a week. We can also encourage people to start practicing against a wall for people who play volleyball or in their yards for people who play soccer, which also helps get you outside the house for a couple of hours, which your parents will very much enjoy.

Joaquin Balsells

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