Will the Bolivian Government Buy Vaccines for Covid-19?

Is Bolivia affected by the pandemic? Are the Covid cases still going up? Is the president of the country willing to buy one of the vaccines? Will the cases stop going up if the president takes the right choice? Is the pandemic going to end soon? The pandemic is a virus known as the Covid-19, which is killing many people all around the world. This pandemic didn’t have a stop, until now. We are not 100% certain that the vaccines will get rid of the disease in time, but we are hoping it does. Right now vaccines are our best choice in order to try to find the solution for this pandemic.

Bolivian president Luis Arce Catacora is trying to find the best vaccine, in order to purchase it. The president has already announced that he just bought 5,000,000 vaccines to save the country from this pandemic. Arce Catacora bought the Oxford vaccine. The number of vaccines that the president bought is almost enough to cover the entire population. The population of the country is around 10,000,000 people. That is why the president also announced that he was going to bring the Russian vaccine Sputnik, in order to cover almost the entire population of the country.

The deputy of epidemiology in Bolivia Maria Renee Castro announced a solution for the virus is already thought. The plan includes the purchase of the vaccine first, to protect the population from the virus. The deputy is also planning to do mass testing for Covid-19, to see if most of the population has not contacted the virus. After that happens, she is planning to have isolation to prevent the ‘leftover’ virus from expanding.

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