World Cup Eliminatories Starting

The World Cup is the most viewed soccer tournament in the world. As the whole world watches it only happens each four years. Only 32 of 211 teams play in the world cup. This is where the nations best go and every team would love to go and compete in the best soccer tournament in the world. 211 teams from around  the world try to go in and play in the World Cup eliminatories. There are different eliminatorie groups which consist of every continent. Those are to determine which 32 countries will go to the World Cup.

The eliminatories start two years before the big tournament which means the eliminatories started this year because the last world cup happened in 2018 and is set to happen in 2022 in Qatar, Middle East. This means that it is getting close and people are getting more and more excited as time goes on. People have many questions about how the world cup will go because of the pandemic. For example people are asking, Are fans going to be allowed in the stadium? Are bars and restaurants going to be open for people to go and watch the World Cup? Well, as of today everything is uncertain because it is two years from now. The FIFA did not say anything about all this but they have a lot of time to talk on this topic. 

Eliminatories are going on now in each continent and the best teams are going off and putting on a show. We can’t determine the 32 teams going to the tournament since now because of the amount of time left for the tournament. People are rooting for their countries and their favorite teams. What team would you like to see get into the World Cup?

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