Discovered in 1916 by Albert Einstein wormholes are described to be able to bend space and time to take to faraway places but from just a short distance. If you were able to ever see a wormhole it would look just like a ball, light travels through the wormhole giving you a glimpse of what is on the other side.


Wormholes were actually never Discovered we humans don’t even know if wormholes exist it was just a theory developed by Albert Einstein. Imagine our universe just like a big flat sheet if this sheet was just bent in the right way a wormhole would be able to occur, connecting to very distant places in space but making you go from one place of the universe to another palace faster than the speed of light.


The string theory also made up by Einstein states that we humans just might be lucky enough to have thousands of wormholes all around our universe. After the big bang thousand of quantum fluctuations might have created thousands of wormholes all wound our universe threaded through h are strings called cosmic strings. Many scientists all around the world say that black holes and wormholes are pretty similar in characteristics and many of these conclusions lead scientists to believe that the massive black holes in the centers of galaxies are actually wormholes.

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