You Have to Stay Inside

COVID-19 is a virus that is part of the Coronavirus family. The symptoms for COVID-19 are dry cough and fever. It starts by you getting the virus and touching your face, so washing your hands for 20 seconds is vital to get rid of the virus. You do not experience the symptoms until 5 days after you are infected, and you can also spread it to others in the 5 day period. You may not even develop the symptoms at all, but you can still spread the virus without even knowing you have it. This virus is more likely to affect the older generation of around 60+ years greater than it affects teenagers. 

There is a common misconception that COVID-19 drastically targets old people and that young people should not worry about it. If this were the case, then why do governments quarantine entire countries? The virus is already considered a pandemic that cannot be contained; however, it can be slowed down. Hospitals all around the world are overwhelmed from the large sum of cases that are currently present. It is because of this that it is likely that they will start collapsing due to the lack of equipment and resources they need to treat those who are infected. This in turn will lead to mutation in the virus.

If it mutates, it will cause more deaths around the world, and maybe spread faster as a result of it evolving. If the virus keeps evolving, it will be harder for people to fight it off. If COVID-19 affects doctors and nurses, it will be harder for people to receive the help they need. COVID-19 does not have any cure or vaccine that can kill it, and the only way to get rid of it is with your own immune system. When you get the flu, you get it for a week or for a couple of days, but your immune system gets weaker for a while as a result. It is better to stay at home to avoid the flu and COVID-19. 

You have to stay inside so that you do not spread it to other people near you. COVID-19 is more contagious than the flu, and morality rate will rise higher than the flu. than the flu. COVID-19 gives pneumonia when it is left unchecked and your body is the only defense. Elderly people can suffer the most with the virus, so think about your grandparents. If there are tens of thousands of people with the virus, then how are hospitals going to operate and treat everybody. Some people will die because of not getting the treatment they need. Not taking into account other accidents such as a stroke, car crash, or a seizure. If you stay at home, you can help stop the spread of the virus and less and less people will go to the hospital. This means that more people can get the treatment they need. These are the 2 paths we can choose to go.

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