Your Favorite Sports and Coronavirus.

As many of us know almost all sports seasons have been canceled because of coronavirus. For example, the NBA was suspended since March 11. Another example is Formula 1, which postponed 4 races. Many of you are sad about this, especially throughout these times where we are all bored. ports would be fun to watch. So why was F1 and the NBA canceled and postponed? Well, it’s because of the coronavirus. 

The first F1 race was set to be in Australia. As some teams were practicing it was figured out that mechanical team members had the virus. The F1 immediately postponed all races. The second race was in Bahrain on March 22. The third race was set to be in Vietnam on April 5. The final race in China on April 19. All of these were postponed to later in the year. 

WRC had to cancel 2 events in South America. The first was set to be in Mexico on March 12-15. The second set to be in Argentina on April 23-26. Both of these events have been canceled with no apparent plans to re-schedule. 

The MotoGP cancellation of 6 rounds came as no surprise to fans. They had to cancel the Qatar Grand Prix on March 8. The Thailand Grand Prix March 22 postponed to October 4.  The Aragon round was moved from October 4 to September 27. The Americas Grand Prix was postponed from April 5 to November 15. The Argentina round was postponed from April 19 to November 22. Finally, The Valencia Grand Prix was postponed from November 15 to November 29. 

Soccer has had to postpone 50 events and tournaments. These Include the qualification for the World Cup in South America, the European league, and including the Spanish La Liga. The Champion League final was postponed indefinitely and is unknown whether or not it will even happen. 

The biggest event of all was the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Even though it is yet to be confirmed, many are believing that they will be postponed for 2021 but still be called the 2020 Olympics. 

If you are bored in quarantine you won’t be able to watch sports for a long time, so don’t count on it for entertainment.

Alex Gamarra

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