Your Favorite Teachers’ Favorite Things

Your Favorite Teachers’ Favorite Things


In the middle of so many classes, assignments and grades, sometimes we forget that they are regular people like you and me. Our teachers also like and dislike songs, movies, and television shows. That is why this week I decided to bring attention to some of your favorite teacher’s favorite things.


Ms. Aliaga’s favorite things:

  • Favorite Movie: La Vita e Bella
  • Favorite Artist: Phil Collins
  • Favorite Song: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor 
  • Favorite TV Show: Tom & Jerry


Ms. McGrath’s favorite things:

  • Favorite Movie: ET
  • Favorite Artist: David Bowie
  • Favorite Song: “Big band Christmas music in general”
  • Favorite TV Show: Old reruns of Law and Order


Ms. Lisa’s favorite things:

  • Favorite Movie: Say Anything
  • Favorite Artist: Harry Styles
  • Favorite Song: Looking For Knives by DYAN
  • Favorite TV Show: The Office

Mr.Ochs’ favorite things

  • Favorite Movie: Usual Suspects
  • Favorite Artist: The Beatles
  • Favorite Song: Tomorrow Never Knows by The Beatles
  • Favorite TV Show: Bugs Bunny


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