Zulma Yugar

Zulema Yugar, born in Oruro (Bolivia), in 1953, is a great singer and a Bolivian music representative.She adopted the artistic name of Zulma Yugar and started her career as a singer when she was 13 years old.

In 1965, she won the “Lauro de la Canción” Festival, which enables her to record two songs in the Lauro Records Company. In the same year, she made a tour throughout the country. In 1967, she won the title of Queen in the Latin American Festival of Salta (Argentina). In 1968, Zulema went to Mexico, invited by the PELMEX Firm and offered several concerts of Bolivian Folk music and took courses at the Academy of Dramatic Art Andrés Soler In 1971, she participated in the 3rd Olympiad in Greece with the “Song of Love” (written by Lola Sierra de Méndez). In 1987, She made a tour around Europe. Then she was invited to North Korea, where she won the «Kim sung» medal.

In 2010 she was appointed as Minister of Culture. She also ventured into the field of the scenic arts, participating in several national films such as Volver and Pueblo Chico.  

Zulema is one of the best-multifaceted artists in the country. She has recorded more than 50 LPs and composed many beautiful songs. That’s why her fans and many of her colleagues consider her “the star of Bolivia”.

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