ACS Staff Superlatives

Most likely to become a  Broadway musical star- Mr. Bobby Ochs

Most likely to be in the commercial of Pantene-Mr. Machicao


Most likely to win the prize of most zeros given in a teacher’s career-Ms. van Strien

Most likely to become the best Barbicuer in Town-Mr. Dani Soliz

Coach Dani, you should open a restaurant called “El parrillero del Dani Soliz”.


Most likely to be clinically diagnosed as a GERMAPHOBE-Ms. Andi 



Most likely to become the first female President of the United States -Ms. Amy Webber



Most likely to help the students during the test because they did not study-Ms. Sainz 




Most likely to win a prize of “Staff member who the school is most dependent of”-Jackie Teran


Ms. Jackie the school would fall apart without you 


Most Handshakes gave in a day-Juanito 

           I miss getting to school, going in through the front door, and giving a handshake to Juan. 

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