Focus on Yourself Before Others

Focus on Yourself Before Others. That sounds good on paper, but what does it mean and what is it good for?

The point of focusing on yourself before the rest is not something selfish. It simply means that you should focus on organizing your thoughts, life, schedule, and many other things before you can be capable of helping others. You see, your life is extremely important, and this is the only one you get; There are no second chances. Take care of yourself, develop a plan to do that, and once you get yourself figured out, reach out and provide a helping hand to those who are lost or are in need.

One example of this situation is if you want to help someone reorganize their life, yet you don’t have yours organized. What help would you be giving another person if you can’t even practice what you preach?

This being said, it is important to help others. If you do not feel that you can impact the life of another, or if you think that you need to focus on yourself right now, there is another way to help them. 

Contact them with professionals, or other people who are where they want to be. Following the example above, if you feel you have to focus on yourself, contact the person with someone who does have their life organized, or preferably, a trained professional.

Rodrigo De Grandchant

My name is Rodrigo de Grandchant. I am a junior who loves doing sports. I horseback ride, play soccer, and volleyball. I look forward to competing in the friendship games and to participate in many school events.

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