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Alec Baldwin Accident

I’m sure we all know the famous actor who voices The Boss Baby, acts in The Cat in the Hat and stars in Beetlejuice. Yes, I’m talking about Alec Baldwin. Sadly, this past October 21, a tragic incident occurred. Because of this incident, people got injured and someone even lost their lives. It’s tragic to hear that something this horrible could happen to someone like Alec Baldwin. This incident just proves that people can experience bad luck at any time, including famous actors. 

You may be wondering what was so awful about this that took someone’s life. What happened was that in the shooting of Alec Baldwin’s new movie, Rust, he was handed a gun that was going to be used in one of the movie’s scenes. Crew members had informed the actor that the gun was unloaded, but sadly, that was not the case. When Alec pulled the trigger, he accidentally took the life of one of the movie’s directors, Halyna Hutchins. She sadly didn’t make it alive to the hospital and lost her life on the way there. Another director was injured as well, but Joel Souza was lucky enough to stay alive and is on his way to a speedy recovery. The death of Haryana Hutchins and the horror of this accident has left many people all over the world heartbroken. 

Currently, the public is taking sides with Alec Baldwin, as it wasn’t his fault that the gun was loaded. The guilty people are those who carelessly left the gun loaded on the set, and didn’t inform the crew about it. Many people side with the fact that it was the assistant director, Halls, who is responsible for this incident, since he has a history of not respecting safety protocols during movie shootings, and he was the one who handed Alec the loaded gun. It was reported that Haryana didn’t want to go on set because of the easiness of using real guns as props, but she still came through because she loved her job. Luckily, no charges have been pressed against Alec Baldwin, and none should be pressed because this tragedy wasn’t his fault. 

The famous actor expressed his sympathy through Twitter towards the Hutchins family, and how sorry he is that this horrible event took the life of such a wonderful person. Many other celebrities also posted tweets to express their sadness regarding this situation. Hailey Bieber, Alec Baldwin’s niece and wife of Justin Bieber, has also been active on many social media platforms trying to defend his uncle for the gun he accidentally shot. Other celebrities are now more aware of the use of real guns used in movies. Dwane Jhonson, also known as the rock, has vowed to never use a real gun as a prop in any of his further projects. It’s sad to think that it took such a disaster for actors and directors to realize the importance of safety on set. 

This devastating mishap has left the world in tears. Not only is it horrifying that Haryana Hutchins lost her life, but that Alec Baldwin’s life is now also ruined. Imagine having to live with the fact that you unintentionally killed someone. There’s no doubt that charges will be pressed sooner or later, and the person to blame for this incident will be behind bars for a long time. Never do anything risky without having previously looked at it for yourself, and remember to always stay safe.

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